The PA-3713 come with PTP table, which is more flexible in clamping and holding non-standard shaped workpiece, so it has better application on the wood composite door, window frame, kitchen cabinet, wardorbe and other abnormal shaped workpiece which are difficult or unavailable to be fixed on the flat bed machine. with 18Kw Italian HSD spindle, HSK-63F standard, the spindle could grasp the tool in bigger power and deal with the most hardest solid wood, suction cups on the bench bed could both clamp and hold the materials randomly, with Italian Dupro cutter the most complicated edge could also be finished just in 1 pass, unlike the cheap cutters with welded blades, the Dupro cutter blades could also be replaced after worn out. with 1.3Kw Yaskawa servo motors you will never worry about whether there is enough power for the machine’s dynamic .the most strengthened parts are all laid everywhere which you will always feel it is too brutal to use the machine to cut wood, when it cutting wood your eyes may emerge the scene that an adult lion is tearing a little gazelle.

The CA-481 with extreamely heavy duty chasis, beam and support, the heat treatment before planning ensures even under long time heavy duty load working the structure will be still solid and without any distortion, with bigger powered servo motors on X & Y axis assures the fast efficiency of machine moving, more powerful and easier to cut through any hard materials, you can watch in the video it cuts thick MDF just like butter, with 9V+3H+1S Italian boring head, the machine could drill hinge holes and cabinet holes both vertically and horizontally, and the saw will responsible for groving on both X and Y directions perfectly. the standard working size is 4’x8′, customized sizes are available,  positioning pins & tool offset system are also well included.

UA-481 make decoration lines, you can see it working in an incredible speed, the solid machine structure with heat treatment ensures the stability even in high intensity working load, with fastest efficiency and without tiny vibration, so that it could get the finest cutting edges. with 8 pcs linear tool magazine (carousel tool magazine as optional), fastest running speed could reach to 110m/min, heavy duty structure which has been strengthened in all the possible mechnical iron parts, the machine weight has been more than 3000kgs. 3 positioning pins and tool compensation gauge are also included as default configuration.

UC-481 is also a newbie in Quick CNC product line, the new design has a tracing carousel tool change, also with 10pcs different tools(could updated to 20pcs tools with a linear tool magazine adding on the end), the machine body has taken the vibration aging treatment, servo motor and gear reducers are laid vertically backside the gantry support so the square rails could have smallest burden, bigger spindle hood with transparent acrylic cover, to protect the operator at the same time control the exact working procedure, strong and robust beam could ensure the best stability even facing the hardest materials, best choice for whom they work at 8 hours/day, 7 days/week, a very good enduring long lifetime machine.

K45MT-10DT,the synchronous multi-head cnc router ,which can engrave on the MDF surface to make the sculpture .This machine was equipped with 10 heads ,the work efficiency has been developed much times then the normal type.Also,we are able to supply art sculpture with high quality only by this machine.The Italian HSD spindle, servo motors and customized size are also available.

The UC-481 with automatic material handling system which could load and unload the material fully automatically, with really rigid and tough machine structure, smart design for both mechanical and electronics, the machine could finish the whole work just by the G code program, the new Syntec 20A system is also one of the best controllers for this configurations, the surrouding of the machine chasis are all protected by the metal covers which could prevent the dust from going inside of the machine, also there are dust proof covers for X&Y axis square rais, to prevent the cutting chips heaped onside and influence the lubrication of the rails, so it also reduces the maintenance time and energy. with tracing dishlike 10 pcs tool magazine maximumly saved the time of tool change (boring head is optional accessory), big 250CBM, 7.5Kw oil free air cooling vacuum pump is also standard configuration which ensures the material to be strongly absopted on the vacuum bed.

The newly modified K45MT-3 with 3 standard 6Kw fan cooling spindles realize the fast change for 3 different cutting tools, system could change specific spindle according to the program, and get triple efficiency than the standard single head machine, the new edition has updated with the 4th axis (B axis), which the spindle in the middle could rotate stepless from -90° to +90° , then the machine could mill not only on a smooth surface but also on the curved workpiece. with Japan Yaskawa servo motors the machine could get best performance, gear reducer on the B axis also well compatible with the motor to make every job like a masterpiece.

KH4A is the 4th axis edition of UD-481, same with the UD-481 with 8 pcs linear tool magazine, ISO30 standard, the machine Z axis clearance has reached to 300mm and could also be customized even higher to meet more requirements, Italian new ES951 ATC spindle which has the newly designed fast bearing change function ensures the maintenance much more easier than before. with B axis superiority the spindle could rotate -90° to +90°, different to the K45MT-3, it could change 8 pcs different tools automatically so the operator could have more spaces to realize their ideas within 1 job. with French gear reducer connected with the B axis motor, the machine could get more smooth surface and better precision on the curve engraving.

K45MT-DY, with 2×4.5Kw fan cooling spindles, which could work one by one alternatively, so the operator could use 2 separated cutting tools fixed on the machine, for example one of engraving and the other one for cutting off the project from the material, it is most suitable for the jobs which use 2 different cutting bits, spindles could be launched by air cylinders which is instructed by DSP controller, also the 2 spindles are mounted in the sam Z axis so they will get the same Z height, the standard motor is high quality brushless stepper motor, customer could also update to servo motors if needed, the spindle can also be updated to Italian HSD one, customized sizes are also acceptable.

K45M-DT, similar like K45MT-DY, it also have 2×4.5Kw fan cooling spindles,the difference is the 2 spindles are mounted on 2 separated Z axis, so the operator could ajust their distance conveniently according to the workpiece width, this kind of machine is mostly used for those who always manufacture the twin object, but the production ablity will be double increased, when you want to work in one 1 spindle, it just need to move the other one on the side and will not influence the whole working process, The Italian HSD spindle, servo motors and customized size are also available.